Patrick Anthony Cardin, Author

During these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, both parents, teachers, and our children have all been affected in some way or another. Everyone knows how much of a struggle 2020 and beyond has been, especially for our young ones.

With that being said, I have written this beautiful book called, “Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy and Clean.” It is intended to help kids get through these tough times with tips for hygiene and personal cleanliness that can be used not only during the current Covid-19 crisis but also throughout their entire lifetime.

There is a big unknown in the world right now with the virus and mutations. We should not let our guard down. Help protect your children from COVID-19 with this informative book called Pup in a Cup Keeps Healthy and Clean. Take prevention to the next level. Knowledge is power. Power to keep our kids safe. Get your copy today!

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The TeaCup Pup wants all the children of the world in every nation where the covid-19 virus pandemic has become a reality, to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. He wants all children to learn the reality of life’s challenges and that we can all live a fruitful life throughout every hardship we may encounter. This book was meant for parents and teachers to educate children of all ages how to protect themselves from germs, bacteria and viruses when returning back to school in a way they can understand and relate to. Lastly pup in a cup’s message to all is “keep a healthy routine every day for excellent hygiene. This way we keep all our friends happy and safe.”

TeaCup Pup wants children to return to their schools and classrooms once it is safe, to keep practicing healthy lifestyles and good hygiene. With the TeaCup Pup’s tips to stay healthy and clean, both parents and teachers can help our kids live a happy life.

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Pup in a Cup is an excellent book for use by parents with young children, hospitals, and elementary schools. The Book is currently receiving rave reviews from happy customers, with more people encouraged to grab a copy for themselves and for their loved ones. In the recent past there have been other viruses such as H1N1 the swine flu.

Bacteria and viruses are things we have dealt with not only throughout the current pandemic but also during cold winter months on a yearly basis. With that being said, this book is a wonderful tool for parents to teach their children lessons in personal hygiene and healthy food choices. Doing these things will help our kids live a more fruitful life while protecting themselves from any future virus pandemic crisis.

Recent TeaCup Pup News:

With the coronavirus persisting, it is crucial that everyone is knowledgeable about the situation, especially children. One effective way to combat the virus is through awareness and a hygienic lifestyle targeted at keeping the virus at bay. As results have shown, children are vulnerable too. Patrick Cardin understands that it is a tough task to explain to children what the status quo is and resorted to writing Pup in a Cup to do the job.

"Pup in a Cup! Beautiful way to show our children how to clean up after themselves in a very fun way, making every chore at home an Adventure that can help them and the family to be Happy, Healthy and Clean ! 😃"

Blanca Yolanda


"Great book for children on Covid-19! I bought this book for my grandkids. It does a great job letting children know about Covid-19 in ways they can easily understand. Great purchase!!!"



"I’m reading this amazing book: “ Pup in a Cup Keeps Healthy and Clean to the children I babysit; their parents are very happy to see their kids imitating little Tea Cup Pup in his Healthy and Clean Habits."

Francis A.


"My kids love this book!!! I bought them a doctors kit for Christmas and now they practice putting on their mask and washing their hands in a kitchen set just like the puppy in the book. So adorable!!!"

Ashley V.